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Tribe Totem

"Coming Soon™"


Fight against incredibly powerful monsters with your tribemates! Gain soap, even from losses! Donate stat increasers to the whole tribe.


Go send some monsters to others in your tribe. Not permanent, they reset at 00:00:00. Used in Vanquish.

Tribe Wars

Fight against other tribes with your tribe. There are 4 phases:

Registration:Only the chief of your tribe can register. Lasts until Friday, 23:59:00.

Preperation:Prepare for the war, buy buffs.

Wartime:Fight the enemy tribe with your tribemates!!

Ceasefire:Peacetime between the previous war and the next war.

Tribe Rankings

Tribe Shop

Spend your hard-earned soap from vanquish here on monster IIIs shards, vanilla and karma V glyphs, and even gold!

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