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Updated captcha. Pink (talk) 08:23, 7 January 2018 (EST)

Finished uploading all monster gifs (I still have to unlock a few ones ingame). Uploaded some astras gifs. Fixed facebook comments positioning at the bottom (monstrosity code no longer needed needed :P) Pink (talk) 10:13, 16 December 2017 (EST)

  • Haha. Thanks. I wasn't sure how to fix it, so I didn't want to break it by trying. I'll go through and remove the unneeded code from the other pages. - Calmchaos (talk) 23:20, 16 December 2017 (EST)

Hey guys. Please don't add any strategy sections to the monster pages themselves. The monster pages are for pure information while strategies are personal opinions and observations. It's completely fine to post your strategies for the monsters, but please use either the Notes pages, the Facebook comments, or a guide page of your own making to post your strategies. I can add a template that will create links on the monster pages to your guides and strategies if anyone is interested. Sorry to be so blunt. I'd just like to nip this in the bud before I have to go around reverting more changes. - Calmchaos (talk) 01:26, 15 December 2017 (EST)

Added Template:Evolution and Template:Skills. You can read their documentation at their pages, but please don't use them directly on the pages themselves. For the evolution template, please only use it on the monster type pages like Dracor. The <onlyinclude> tag allows you to use the type pages as a template, like {{:Dracor}}. The colon in front without the "Template" part tells the wiki that you want to use a normal page as a template rather than an actual template. For the skills, please make a skill page for that specific skill. Ex: Dragon1. Then instead of <onlyinclude> you can use <noinclude> since there's much less text. Please reference Steve's page to see all the finer details that should help save headache later. As usual, let me know if anything happens, you need help, suggestion, etc... - Calmchaos (talk) 05:35, 14 December 2017 (EST)

Added support for the infobox module. I couldn't get the old one to work, and I didn't know any lua to work on it. So I grabbed a free version and made a template with it instead. The template and syntax can be found at Template:InfoboxBeast. Let me know if you have any problems with it or have a suggestion to make it better. - Calmchaos (talk) 11:41, 12 December 2017 (EST)

Alrighty guys, I'll be back on this grind after my last big final tomorrow. Anything specific that we want finished up? - LOVELIXIR (talk)

  • Hey lovelixir, nice to see u around. We need to start the Skills page. Adding stats and evolutions on the monster profiles would be nice also.. I'm busy at work these days, sorry for my lack of updates >.< Best of luck tomorrow. Pink (talk) 18:13, 11 December 2017 (EST)
    • Alrighty, sounds good. I will be doing the monster profiles. Once we know how we're gonna work the Skills, I'll do some work on that as well. LOVELIXIR (talk)
  • We could use avatars/icons/etc. for Calmchaos's Template:Build function. I've noticed it has a fit when you try to make a template for less common monsters (see The Core level 150-200).

Added a ton of modules and templates necessary for a template I was making. Use them if you need. Finally finished the Template:Build. This template allows you to put in all the data for how an enemy monster is setup, and then the template will give you a nice-looking table image compilation with all that information. It's less compact than writing that info out with text instead, but it's certainly easier on the eyes. Just know that the table will always be the same size even if you leave out one or more of the skills or glyphs because it replaces empty info with an empty version of those icons. It works fine as is (spent too much time just getting it to this point ;-; ), so I'd rather not butcher the code with #ifeq functions just to remove the need for the empty replacement image. If anyone else wants to make a copy of the template and write it up, then feel free. - Calmchaos (talk) 05:46, 7 December 2017 (EST)

  • The other day, I changed the template from a table setup to div elements that are relocated and added multiple background images to account for the monster name sizes. It should function much better than when it was tables, and it prevents it from becoming this nasty nested table thing. I also made an Easy Mode spreadsheet to make creating the syntax easier and just overall saving a ton of time when adding info. - Calmchaos (talk) 02:55, 12 December 2017 (EST)

Installed Special:UploadWizard for bulk uploads. Let me know if you have any problem. Pink (talk) 10:29, 6 December 2017 (EST)

Implemented facebook comments. Pink (talk) 18:19, 5 December 2017 (EST)

Created admin-only page Private:Chat. Also, welcome to the admins group Calmchaos! :3 Pink (talk) 16:10, 4 December 2017 (EST)

  • Oh cool. I'll try not to mess up. pressure - Calmchaos (talk) 17:06, 4 December 2017 (EST)

Added the framework for Explore. I'm currently working on adding in everything except the 1st Kill section. Also, I don't have access to Molten Peak yet, so I can't fill in any data for that or for the Elite Stages right now. I have an alt that I've been working on every now and then, but it's already beaten the first two areas. Eventually, I'll be able to get the missing 1st Kill rewards from the 3rd area onward, but I'd much rather not make a 3rd alt just for the first two. Gotta fill in the other missing info first though before the 1st Kills become a priority. EDIT: Correction. My alt has almost entirely completed the 3rd area, so it'll be from the 4th onward.- Calmchaos (talk) 15:29, 4 December 2017 (EST)

Added the framework for The Core. We need sooo much data for it. I didn't think to start keeping track until ~130F or so, and I only have 136-147 truly completed. Also edited The Wild to prepare for the addition of the other wild zones. A lot of the links in The Core are placeholders for now. I was just trying to quickly get the information noted down before I progressed any further on my account and lost the data for those floors. - Calmchaos (talk) 08:05, 4 December 2017 (EST)

Finally figured out how to access the freaking pngs in the apk. Nearly drove me crazy, but I did it, lol. I will upload them to a google drive later today so if anyone who needs to use them can do so. Like, when I say almost went crazy I mean it...unreal. -LOVELIXIR

  • That's awesome!! I didn't even know you could do that :0. When it's uploaded please send the link to pink [at]
  • Be sure to leave a link here as well, if you don't mind. EDIT: Nevermind. Pink would prefer it be on a private channel. // Much love for taking the time to figure that out. I doubt it was easy. ;) - Calmchaos (talk) 08:05, 4 December 2017 (EST)
    • Please use Private:Chat if you manage to upload those files. Pink (talk) 16:10, 4 December 2017 (EST)

I added the modules and template necessary for page tabs. You can find the documentation on how to use it at Module:Page_tabs/doc. I also converted the Bestiary to use page tabs instead of linking to categories as well as added some missing information. EDIT: You can also look at the Bestiary pages' sources to see how it works. - Calmchaos (talk) 19:08, 2 December 2017 (EST)

  • Great work! :) Pink (talk) 05:28, 3 December 2017 (EST)

I changed the resources list to icons instead. Hope you like them. Aside from the FAQ icon, I took them from the game and whipped them up in Photoshop. Sidenote: When replying in notes, you can type four tildes --> ~ <-- at the end of your message to add your signature as well as a timestamp. - Calmchaos (talk) 04:10, 2 December 2017 (EST)

  • Loving the new icons!! I'm working on the responsive design now. Welcome to the team! :3 Pink (talk) 06:36, 2 December 2017 (EST)
    • Thank you. If you want the .psd's for anything, let me know. The font I used is called "All Exes Must Die." I tried to find the font you used for the "wiki" part of the icon in the top left, but no dice. I just wish we had the image files from the assets, so I could've made them at a better resolution than a screenshot. - Calmchaos (talk) 06:58, 2 December 2017 (EST)
      • The font used for the "wiki" is called "Beast Wars". Pink (talk) 05:49, 3 December 2017 (EST)
    • Hey, I tried to add rollover to the icons, but I'm having trouble getting the template to work properly. The template is Template:HoverImage, and the image names are the same but with an "H" right before the .png extension. The template is acting as if both IF statements are coming up true, so it's showing both images at the same time. I got the template from where it's working just fine. I'm kind of lost as to why it isn't working. - Calmchaos (talk) 22:46, 2 December 2017 (EST)

Testing animated gifs on profile pages, check out Steve's page. :)) @Lovelixir: There's still a bit of coding to do on the infobox module, I will let you know as soon as it's ready and share some documentation. -Pink

  • Looks like it worked fine. I have to know, how did you get the gif??? I have the apk extracted but can't view any of the pics for some reason :/
    • I recorded the screen (on iPad air 2 - iOS 11), edited the framerate (After Effects) and converted to gif through photoshop. The tricky part is the number of frames for each animation, apparently it's not the same for each character. PS. Don't worry about the gifs, I'm on it :3

Could someone explain with the table in stat appear in the evlolution section : -Kiyosuke27

  • This happened because you did not end your table with the necessary "|}". Also, keep in mind that the "||" and "!!" are used to start new headers and cells, not to close off existing ones. I have made the edit, so check the changes on the Hornee page.

I just created a server discord for this wiki here is the link: . I hope find you there. -Kiyosuke27

I could down to use discord, but I'm okay with this too, not tooo worried about communication. I'm learning as I go on most of this stuff, so with new types functions like infoboxes and everything I may wait to do anything until I see how you do it first, Pink, then I can do it for other pages. -LOVELIXER

Yeah sorry, it's the first time that i help to do a wiki page so i did'nt know how to do it. And i was thinking about a discord server but notes could also work. -Kiyosuke27

Hey! First of all, thanks for your contributions! Initially, I thought of using "notes" to share to-do lists, ideas and talk to each other. But let me know if you have any better idea! PS: Added css to capitalize title instead of moving url. -Pink

Hello, i wanted to know how could we contact each others to improve this wiki. -Kiyosuke27