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What is HAKI?

It increases the knockback distance of your monster's attack. Higher the HAKI, farther the enemy! Haki only works on collision, therefore ranged attacks won't knockback the ennemy except if there is a skill involved (Shinigami, Enchanter, Whacker, Armstrong and Sloth can knock back from ranged using skill).

How can I see my server time?

Click on your profile (avatar), at the bottom you can see Server Time.

How can I reset my ancient?

Go to the Bornhub (inside "Monster" section), then click on the Reset tab (right side). The reset cost is 800gems, and there will be a 3days cooldown before you can reset again. Note that every mutation, level, and glyphs are kept during reset. You will only change your Ancient for any other Ancient of the same rarity.

How can I download this game on Android?

How can I download this game on iPhone / iPad?

Power Vs truth glyphs

Power glyphs scale the ATK stat, that means, normal attacks (Auto-attack) deal more damage, skills that do damaged based as a percentage of the ATK stat will do even more damage, Healing/Debuffs based on the ATK stat will be more effective.

Where Truth glyphs don't scale on any stat. They give you boosted "True" DMG on any damage you would do to the enemy. This includes basically any skill with "damage" in its description.

Basically, monsters with a high attack ratio in their competences will benefit more from the glyphs of power than from truth and vice versa.