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Astras are non-combat monsters that provide boosts to the monsters on your team. They require energy which builds up during battles in order to activate their abilities. Each time the player activates an Astra's abilities, the energy cost for that ability goes up by 1 until it reaches 3. The energy cost does not exceed 3.

Astras can be leveled up through Divine Spores and gold. These levels are called "ranks." Each Astra provides additional effects of the active skill for achieving ranks 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. The Astra currently deployed will grant its passive boost. You cannot change your party Astra during battle in the following game modes: Arena, Pillars of Infinity and Skirmish. During auto battle, the astra currently deployed will use its skill when possible (enough energy). NB : In auto battle, Suzaku will heal your team only if at least one member of the team has lost 20%HP or more.


Suzaku R0
"Every time Suzaku gets called a turkey, it dies a little. Suzaku is so fabulous she droops rainbows and cupcakes. BFF with Genbu because of his HUGE... mirror."

Active Skill: Rebirth Flame.

Rank 0 (R0): Rebirth Flame restores 20% HP to the party.

Rank 2 (R2): Rebirth Flame grants the party +2% HP every 3 seconds for 9 seconds.

Rank 4 (R4): Rebirth Flame grants the party +15% DMG Resist for 5 seconds.

Rank 6 (R6): Rebirth Flame now restores 25% HP to the party.

Rank 8 (R8): Rebirth Flame restores +15% more HP to the ally with the lowest HP%.

Rank 10 (R10): Rebirth Flame will prevent the party from death for 3 seconds.

Passive Skill: Suzaku grants the party +30 DMG Resist. Increases by +30 DMG Resist per rank.


Byakko R0
"Byakko is an avid MOBA player and last hits like a pro in Heroes Evolved. Don't ask how he does it with his furry paws tryin' ta hold a mobile device"

Active Skill: Smite.

Rank 0 (R0): The enemy with the lowest HP loses 8% + 300 HP.

Rank 2 (R2): Smite deals +100 more DMG and inflicts -2% HP per second over 5 seconds.

Rank 4 (R4): Smite deals +300 more DMG and inflicts -95% healing received for 10 seconds.

Rank 6 (R6): Smite deals +500 more DMG and now pulls enemy units towards your side.

Rank 8 (R8): Smite deals +700 more DMG and its debuffs cannot be cleansed.

Rank 10 (R10): Smite deals +900 more DMG and grants the party +25% ATK for 25 seconds.

Passive Skill: Byakko grants the party +45 DMG to all instances of DMG dealt. Increases by +45 DMG per rank.


Genbu R0
"According to completely biased statistics, 1337 monsters stared into the Mirror Zone and felt terrible about themselves."

Active Skill: Mirror Zone.

Rank 0 (R0): Reflect 20% of the party's received DMG for 4 seconds.

Rank 2 (R2): Mirror Zone cleanses all debuffs every 2 seconds.

Rank 4 (R4): Mirror Zone restores 0,3% HP for every 1 normal attack taken.

Rank 6 (R6): Mirror Zone duration is extended by 0.2 seconds for every 1 normal attack taken.

Rank 8 (R8): Mirror Zone grants the part +30% to all healing effects.

Rank 10 (R10): Mirror Zone now reflects 25% DMG.

Passive Skill: The party restores 100 HP every 3 seconds. Increases by +100 HP every 3 seconds per rank.


Seiryuu R8
"Seiryuu is buffs your party like no other. Collect 7 MM beans to summon Bobakiin, dragonborn! Ryuu ga waga TEKI wait wat game is this lols"

Active Skill: FOOLS NO DUH

Rank 0 (R0): Grant the party +25% ATK and HAKI for 8 seconds.

Rank 2 (R2): FOOLS NO DUH grants the party -20% knockback.

Rank 4 (R4): FOOLS NO DUH grants the party +20% MSPD.

Rank 6 (R6): FOOLS NO DUH's effect increased to 35%.

Rank 8 (R8): FOOLS NO DUH's duration +35%.

Rank 10 (R10): FOOLS NO DUH lets allies restore 35% of DMG dealt as HP while under its effect.

Passive Skill: +50 ATK to the party. Increases by +50 ATK per rank.


Kirin R0
"Kirin has a bit of a dark side as he likes to asphyxiate things, thank goodness he doesn't have tentacles, can you imagine if he did? Hie your kids, hide your wife 'cause he bonding everybody out here"

Active Skill: Asphyxiate.

Rank 0 (R0): Seal enemy skills for 5 seconds.

Rank 2 (R2): Asphyxiate inflicts +25% DMG taken.

Rank 4 (R4): Asphyxiate inflicts -25% ATK.

Rank 6 (R6): Asphyxiate inflicts -20% MSPD.

Rank 8 (R8): Asphyxiate inflicts -20% HAKI.

Rank 10 (R10): Asphyxiate inflicts -60% healing received.

Passive Skill: -15 MSPD and HAKI to all enemies. Increasaes by -15 MSPD and HAKI per rank.


Astra Contracts are unlocked at level 55. There are 3 different kinds of Astra contracts.

1. Minor Contracts - Upgradeable contracts that have an effect on Astras as a whole. So for example lower cooldown or increased energy generation. With each upgrade, the cost increases.

Intensify - Astra Passive Effects +3%, max Lv. 10.

Alacrity - Astra Cooldown -5%, max Lv. 10.

Persist - The Astra at battle start still grants 3% of its passive effects even when swapped out, max Lv. 10.

Upsurge - Energy refill rate +0.5%, max Lv. 10.

2. Astra-Specific Contracts - These contracts are add additional effects to a specific Astra. Each Astra has its own version.

Nirvana - Suzaku's Rebirth Flame generates a non-stacking shield for its overheal.

Finish Him! - Byakko's Smite Energy cost is capped at 2 adnd deals +1000 more damage.

Calcify - Genbu's Mirror Zone duration +1s.

Unrelenting - Seiryuu's FOOLS NO DUH at 2+ Energy cost grants +35% ATK to ranged and +35% HAKI to melee monsters.

Enfeeble - Kirin's Asphyxiate R6's effect now inflicts -45% MSPD and R6's effects cannot be cleansed.

3. Utility Contracts - The most expensive contracts that have varying effects on Astras.

Limitless - Energy meter is now capped at 10

Energize! - When Combat Timer is at 60s, gain +1 Energy

Masochist - When triggering DANGER!!! mode, gain +1 Energy

Empowered - When at 8+ Energy, the current Astra's effects +25%

Highlander - When your enemy deploys the same Astra as you, it receives -75% to its passive effects

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